The Hardcover Edition by Ben Shapiro is available from Amazon and other booksellers right now. It’s a stunning book because it’s a stunning idea.  

Charging Obama’s Attorney General with Contempt of Congress is one thing. Impeaching Barack Obama is yet another but Shapiro  goes them one better. Charge Barack Obama with being a criminal.

Shapiro is no run of the mill right wing Tea Party hysteric. far from it. He’s a Harvard Lawyer. He makes many cases against the Obama Administration. Some belong in jail for their crimes.

Here’s what the Right Wing of America want’s. A way to stop the madness in Washington and a mad president. Shapiro makes the case.

His book is well worth the money for people determined to get Obama out of the Presidency before the end of his term, January 2017.

The next Presidential election is 17 months away but as we remember when Bill Clinton left the white house he and Hillary actually destroyed and stole U.S. property on their way out the door of the White House.

These are renegades. These people are rogues to civilized nations.

At least buy Ben Shapiro’s book to get more facts o use against the Liberals.

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