The NRA has no guns.

The Second Amendment cannot get you a gun.

Slavery is a state of mind so if you insist on serving as a slave you must do that on your own. The Thirteenth Amendment cannot set you free.

The Thirteenth Amendment did not abolish slavery. It remains legal for the government to make you a slave as punishment and Obama certainly has been doing that to you.

Far too many people have a slave mentality. It’s almost as if the people are not ready for Liberty.

Neither the Thirteenth amendment nor the Second Amendment can keep you free if you are determined to serve a master.

Socialism is an impediment to Liberty.

You cannot be a Socialist unless you agree to serve your community because you thereby agree to that your ability to be free must be less important than your service to your community.

Don’t insult people who are getting paid to be in the military or law enforcement by thanking them for accepting you as their master.

No Socialist ridden community ever achieved freedom because Socialism accepts the Community as the master.  Liberty accepts no master. It’s a logical contradiction to serve the community and be free. The Anti-Slavery Amendment kept Slavery as Punishment.

You can self-infringe the Right To Keep And Bear Arms. The Community cannot free you nor can the Second Amendment get you a gun. You must keep yourself free and armed.

You cannot be free if you desire a master. The state is willing to enslave you as long as you accept it.

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