He’s made movies before Revenant but he is this movie. Forget the entire story, script, soundtrack, music even the dialog, DiCaprio runs Revenant from beginning to end. The movie is simply one of the finest examples of the craft, period. With a nod to some noteworthy movies and performances, DiCaprio walks away with this movie. From start to finish it’s about his character. The name isn’t important. The other actors aren’t either. Of course all of them are necessary to the movie but DiCaprio is such a fit for the role and his acting from subtlety to outright screaming pain is worked so well that the extra long movie flies by.

Tom Hardy is the protagonist and he’s simply superb. While the movie is driven by DiCaprios character Hardy does an exemplary job as John Fitzgerald. He portrays a disgusting and hateful man. Run to see this. 

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