It’s in President Putin’s speech to the State Duma deputies, the Federation Council members, the heads of Russian regions and civil society representatives in the Kremlin on March 18th, three days ago. (Here). Putin is giving a lesson on geopolitics to all Russians and Non-Russians. He is telling us he intends to invade his next potential targets: Kharkiv,  Donetsk and the rest of southeastern Ukraine. What are the NATO nations doing about that? President Obama seems to have spoken for them. He said: “Russia Is Acting Out Of Weakness”. Weakness? Charles Krautmammer refuted that. (Here).

The smart money is betting on Putin invading within a month.  The people all along the Western Border of Russia are nervous again about the Russian Bear taking over their countries like the Soviet Union did 90 years ago. History it seems really does repeat itself.

President Obama is worse than Jimmie Carter. Drift, Decline, Defeatism, Disrespected and Dis-regarded by the world at large, Jimmie at least was sincere. No one believes Obama is sincere. No one.


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