Condi Rice said this about the weak, foppish ignorant foreign policy being followed by America’s Leader President Obama. “As Ronald Reagan said: Peace only comes through strength,” she recalled. “So, what are we doing? What are we doing when …….. a couple of weeks before Russia invades Crimea we announce that we are going to have an Army smaller than at any time since World War II. What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we signaling when we say that America is no longer ready to stand in the defense of freedom?”

What indeed. But another important question left unsaid by Ms. Rice is this. Who is weakening America? For one, the leader of the United States. Another is a man dedicated to a weaker military and he knows what he’s doing because unlike the President, John Kerry was in the Navy. He was given medals for his service but he threw them on the ground at the White House to show how much he does not want a strong America. Last, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and chief foreign policy advisor to President Obama for the first four years of his presidency.

America is being led away from it’s deserved greatness by the current leaders; the President and the two Secretaries of State. Condelezza Rice is a tremendous expert on America, Russia and the foreign relations of America. She loves America, unlike Obama, Clinton and Kerry. No, they are not traitors but they do not grasp the achievements of America. they do not get the greatness of the most wonderful culture every constructed.




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