If America would be better without white people, why are so many non-whites trying to get in? If America with it’s white majority is so wrong how did Obama get elected? Why did he even run? Why didn’t he just leave for a better place?

But where would Obama go to find a better place than America? He knows about Indonesia because he went to school in Jakarta. Why didn’t he return there? Or to Kenya, the home of his black ancestors.? Why is he here in America? Is it because this is where the best is? If so, how did it come to be the best?

The idea that people like Obama who have an ax to grind have had their way re-writing American history makes every man and woman who has ever used utensils want to throw up.

Take the latest bit of propaganda from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave that Donald Trump is the top recruiter for ISIS. We heard it from Hillary “The Enabler” Clinton who paid off the “bimbo’s” who did her job in the bedroom. Her idea is that Trump’s “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” comment is “making” Muslims join ISIS is a far fetched as the Andromeda galaxy. Think about this.

Trump’s idea of stopping Moslems who have no bona fides from immigrating to America because of their inclination to kill Americans and blow themselves up which has been going on from the time of the Barbary Pirates to San Bernardino, verifies they want to kill Americans, is a recruiting tool.

But that contradicts the idea that Islam is a peaceful religion.

If a sweeping generalization by Donald Trump is all it takes to get Muslims to sign up for a suicide mission in America, how small are their minds? Notice too that Hillary really wants us to believe that all it takes to get Muslims to devote join ISIS is a speech by Donald Trump, what does that say about Hillary’s powers of observation? If Islam is peaceful and opposed to Terrorism how is it that Moslims can so easily be recruited to Terrorism and ISIS? Is Hillary lying?

Yes. That explains it. Trump is telling the truth and Hillary is lying about it.

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