From his failure in Egypt, Libya, Syria and the rest of the Middle East which is more inflamed than before he took office, President Obama has strengthened Russia and put President Putin closer to the oil in the Middle East. How naive is Obama?

He’s worse than insufficiently objective, he’s favored the Arabs against the interests of Israel. Obama acts like a Moslim. He is clearly out of his depth in global politics from his utter failure to back up his “Red Line” in Syria to his anti-Netanyahu stance, so obviously anti-Semetic. Obama forced Netanyahu to leave the White House by the read door, past the garbage cans.

Obama’s Iran “deal” which is really a treaty that he refuses to submit to the Senate for approval as the Constitution requires shows his duplicity as well as his naivete. Obama is a disaster for Israel and if it wasn’t for Bibi Netanyahu Israel would be in worse position than it is with Obama fighting on the Arab side and allowing Russia and Putin to set up the Russian military in the Middle East.

Trump on Iran deal: ‘We are led by very stupid people’. Obama is the stupid leader to which trump has been referring.

PBS showed “Netanyahu At War” which vindicates Israel and condemns Obama’s wrongheaded actions, strategies and tactics in the Middle East and especially in Israel where Obama wrongly demanded Israel give up Israel territory and shrink back to the 1967 war lines as the border of Israel. Churchill would have said: this is nonsense up with which I will not put.

In a final fit of child-like pique, Obama made a secret treaty with Iran that Iran could develop a nuclear bomb by 2025, a bomb Iran could then drop on Israel. America isn’t bound by that treaty because it requires ratification by 2/3rds of the Senate. Obama knows that would not happen so he called it a deal and claims, wrongly, that it doesn’t have to be approved by the Senate.

Israel has many enemies but not in America except for President Obama.

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