Reporting in the 6/29/2014 Sunday Courier Times, JD Mullane, a prize winning reporter and columnist wrote about protests at an abortion clinic. One of the protestors Mary Paris was mentioned in the article. Mullane reported about a woman who had an abortion. She was feeling down so she visited a church wherein she “began to feel better about her life”.

 Unfortunately, shockingly, Government has taken: “an interest” in each woman’s body.

Government has an interest in murder, burglary and other crimes but the abortion issue is a moral issue, as well as one about the protection of each person from government itself as well as from others. Since Abortion was declared legal many of those people need to control themselves. The abortion protestors can’t agree to do that so like Mary Paris and a few others they protest. Of course that’s OK. It’s America where we protest in the streets but some of them have gotten out of control. Some try to blockade doctors offices where abortions are done. Some have murdered doctors.

Abortion itself is Pro-Life. An abortion is a moral act in many cases and in cases where it’s just done for convenience, the convenience is to support the life of the pregnant woman who wants an abortion.

In some cases women who have aborted are able to provide better lives to their born children and also for any additional children  they may deliver as their circumstances and desires change.

A fetus is a “potential person”, not “a person “, as the people who want to deny abortion to any woman claim. Nature spontaneously aborts but the abortion protestors refuse to recognize even that that as an abortion. they blame the pregnant woman for the spontaneous abortion.  

Natural Abortion is always a possibility during pregnancy. 

A woman’s right to her body during pregnancy has been examined with the moral equivalent of an electron microscope and it’s been happily and legally concluded each woman has a right to her body even while pregnant.

It’s unquestioned that a fertilized egg undergoes massive changes as it goes thru the pregnancy sequence as does a baby after birth. So does each body as it goes thru life and eventually dies. 

Each fetus is protected by and under the control of the pregnant woman. Our laws however intervene and take the powers of a pregnant woman away from her in two stages, the second and third trimesters and that precedent increased government power despite the Constitution.

In addition to Roe v. Wade each woman’s body is unquestionably protected by her Natural Rights. even though the Supreme Court inserted themselves into a controlling position despite a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy by abortion.

The court made a dangerous mistake in Roe. It decided government had an “interest in” preganancy, an interest that eliminates not only the rights of a pregnant woman but every right of every individual. That’s how serious the error is.

The idea of a government interest that invalidates one solitary right puts every right at risk. It cascades into government eventually eliminating the very idea of rights so the error in Roe needs to be corrected. Under the current Supreme Court which is more interested in government power than individual rights and the rights of each individual will continue to be invalidated.  

The founding principles of America have been superceeded by people who don’t get all this freedom stuff.

The idea of Rights was developed to protect the individual from government, not to give government the power over the living body of a pregnant woman. In that sense Government has become more dangerous to each American.  

Government has been encroaching on Rights. It’s the nature of Power to expand.

But the only proper function of government is to protect absolute rights against violation by government. Government, has no legitimate “interest” in a woman except in a nation where government, not the individual is supreme.

The Constitution is supposed to protect the individual against government , meaning in abortion against invasion of individual rights by the government. The Constitution enumerates the limited powers of the government and provides for more power only after modification by Amendment and there’s no Amendment that gives government an interest in a woman’s body.

the idea of a potential might be more clear when thinking abut say a filet mignon. No one thinks it’s OK to put stake sauce on a cow because the cow has the potential to become a filet mignon. Same for a fetus that has the potential to be born at which time it’s nature changes. …..developing…


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