“People are angry that a commonsense thing like securing the border or ending sanctuary cities is somehow considered extreme,” said Carly Fiorina. “It’s not extreme — it’s commonsense. We need to secure the border.”

“People are also angry at a professional political class of both parties that talks a good game, gives good speeches, but somehow nothing ever really changes,” she said. “And people are angry as well at a double standard in the media.” HERE.

The anger has been simmering since government started passing out benefits to some people and forcing the majority to pay for the illicit benefits. The failed “WAR ON DRUGS”; “THE GREAT SOCIETY”; THE MISSING BORDER FENCE; THE UNITED NATIONS THAT WOULD BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD; Liberal programs have failed more dramatically than the above would suggest. They have failed to diminish crime and delinquency. They failed to bring peace in labor relations, to stop the clamor of the poor and dissident, or to maintain fundamental order in the land. “Liberal” efforts to wipe out crime by spending billions to change the environment have been confronted by increasing crime and delinquency; violence on city streets, and more and more danger to life and property in America. Ferguson, Baltimore, East L.A., the O.J. Verdict, the success of the Baltimore Looters who got free stuff by robbery during the riots.

Liberalism excused irresponsible behavior by appeasing the mooching Baltimore rioters. Liberal big government programs captured a generation of dependents and lead them down the path of entitlement, the mooch class become not just financially indebted to their neighbors for the receipt of their looted earnings, but the psychological dependency that evolved from this dysfunctional relationship fueled a resentment which was used to advantage by the political class in the next round of the cycle as the instigation of jealousy and resentment fueled another raid on the productive in society. Trump tapped into that unjustness.

Voters are angry at Liberals. They are outraged by their unfair government programs and that those in power lack the courage to deal with riots and looting and pillage in the only way that has ever been effective — by shooting looters or at least shooting in their general direction until they stop. “Liberals” can neither pursue wars to a victorious conclusion nor withdraw. Sound extreme? Is rioting extreme? Can force be met by force?

Liberals can neither consent to punish criminals nor to the guilt of those who commit crimes. Even now, Obama is visiting a prison to wrongly show “the unjustness” of the white people” for arresting and incarcerating criminals. Is he getting ready to pardon some of them?

Liberals can neither pay off the national debt nor balance the budget.

Equal protection under the law is impossible under liberalism. Liberalism cannot tolerate equal protection because that would undermine its primary directive of wealth redistribution. It is impossible to use the government to redistribute wealth and still maintain private property rights for individual citizens. Trump Tapped Into the Failure of Liberalism.

The moocher class is dependent on their neighbor’s tax money, but also on the government as the illicit provider (in the form of a liberal “looter class” which trades seized money from the productive for votes from the moochers). This immoral cycle is the heart of liberalism. It promotes fear and animosity on the part of the moochers who are afraid of losing the “free lunch “while simultaneously building severe animosity and resentment of the producers from whom their livelihood is taken. This wealth-envy fire is stoked by liberalism and is the primary weapon the producer is demonized and looted by the bureaucratic tyranny of the big Liberal Left-Wing government machine. Trump tapped into that.

In short, the “liberals” cannot or will not cope with the situations which they have created because all effective means of dealing with them are precluded by their fraudulent claims and bad ideas.
“Liberalism” is paralyzed — bankrupt — by its commitment to programs that have been going on for decades. the voters know it and Trump knows it and that’s part of what he has tapped into.

It’s deeper than a simple anger or a single issue outrage that the press somehow twists as though there’s something wrong with the voters. Trump knows that and he has answers.

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