He said: ….”want to make sure that the wrong people don’t have them for the wrong reasons.” He was speaking about guns but he revealed his ideas about people who he identifies as “wrong” and he doesn’t want them to have a gun. The problem with Obama is he’s an elitist who identifies himself as elite but who are the wrong people about whom he is talking? To Obama they are the oppressors and bigots which is simply Obamacode for white people. When he talks of the wrong people to have a gun he seems to mean evil people who will use a gun for crime but what about the victims of crime? Obama identified with professor ¬†Henry Louis gates because Gates is black ¬†but the Beer Summit backfired on Obama because the cop refused to say Gates was innocent. Obama also identified with assault perpetrator Trayvon Martin because Martin was black. Obama blamed police for following black people because they were black missing the point that black people commit crimes at a higher rate than white people. Obama is so biased because of his race that he thinks everyone carries around the race burdens he does. That’s why he’s a poor judge of the wrong people. It’s his pathology that drove him into his bigotry and allowing him to talk about the wrong people is allowing the wrong person to speak about people which is why he was a poor choice to be president of all of the people and why he never should have been elected as President. Under him black people who he identifies as the right kind of people have been given unearned benefits and the wrong kind of people have been penalized into paying for the benefits Obama gave to black people.

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