This president is incapable of empathizing with the white Americans murdered by blacks and Muslims. It’s not a theory but an uncomfortable fact as illuminated by Rowan College professor Jack Kerwick, author of “The American Offensive” who said: “Blackism” is an ideology, a recipe for achieving racial “authenticity.” Like any ideology, it is the distillation, the cliff note, of a cultural tradition, the tradition of black Americans. Biological blackness is necessary for authentic “blackness.” It is not, though, sufficient. Blackism is designed for the Barack Obamas of the world, those who are at least partially black biologically but for whom black culture is a foreign language.”

“Blackism” explains part of Obama’s white skin disdain despite his half white ancestry. Not only is Obama against white people, he makes his narrow view worse by his pre-occupation with promoting blacks.” Why can’t Obama overcome his Blackish prejudices and be a president for all Americans instead of only black ones? He has made race bigotry worse. Black Americans are pushed to dislike white people by their observation of Obama and white Americans have moved further from race neutrality. Obama did that.

Kerwick continues: “Black crime in general, and black racial mob violence specifically, are huge, persistent problems in contemporary American life. Only the most self-delusional and shameless of race propagandists would think to deny this (though even they admit that black criminality is a problem, albeit, to hear them tell it, the result of a larger problem: “white racism”). WND’s Colin Flaherty is one courageous journalist who has meticulously, unapologetically chronicled this phenomenon.

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