South Africa born Ilana Mercer claims America is her “Second Homeland”. A Homeland in South Africa is a small area for black Africans carved out of the larger country of South Africa; where Christian American Liberals fought to topple the white South African government and replace it with the Nelson Mandela black supremist version of Iran. Mercer authored a true, fact filled book about South Africa; about how it’s following Zimbabwe towards a Marxist black racist culture and what that means for America. Her book: “Into The Cannibals Pot” provides loads of information about how that process went so well she and her father were forced for their safety to leave South Africa for Israel. She married, came to Canada then to America’s Left coast which she considers her “second homeland”.

Fast foreword to Dinesh D’Souza’s book and movie: “AMERICA: What Would the World Be Like Without Her?”; to FOX NEWS Megyn Kelly’s interviews of Radical American Bomber Bill Ayres, and Ward Churchill who called 9/11 victims “Little Eichman’s” and Dinesh D’Sousa. Mercer is on the side of, not the supporters of America but their attackers. Why?

Mercer believes Patriotism is: “… an affinity for your community; it’s an understanding of the great principles upon which this country was founded—which have been excised by successive governments, Republican and Democratic alike. And it’s a commitment to restoring the republic of private-property rights, individual freedoms, and radical decentralization.”

But Mercer wrongly believes the patriotism of D’Souza and Megyn Kelly clash with hers. It seems to Mercer that Kelly and D’Souza get it wrong because they combine the government with the people. But Mercer is dead wrong that Ayres and Churchill are right or at least closer to America than Kelly and D’Souza. The America of Ayres spawned Barack Obama, the bombings of the Weather Underground and the Liberal Professors which Mercer opposes. So do I.

Mercer and Kelly should get together. FOX NEWS, Kelly, D’Souza and Mercer are the enemies of the internal enemies of South Africa and America. So am I.

During the turbulent 70’s I spent considerable time in South Africa and like Mercer came to love it. Not as a government, not as the home of Apartheid but as a land and the people within it. South Africa however, as James Michener explained in “The Covenant” was a land governed at that time by a small religious elite, the Afrikaners. That’s the opposite of America which in it’s founding principles was the most moral nation partly because it rejected the use of force in social relationships, separated Religion in all it’s forms and barred it from government; subordinated government powers to the people and released the people from the jaws of government. Mercer never got to that point and that’s part of the reason she overlooks the basic goodness of America. Psycho-epistemologically, Religion mis-informs her judgment.

Let’s not get all defensive of Religion here. The point is America was founded in Liberty; a personal Liberty that no other nation ever discovered. The Leftist bent of America is wrong. Mercer believes that. So do I with the difference that defending America comes easier to me than her. We both believe in the foundational ideas of America. We both support and defend the ideas of Atlas Shrugged and rebel against all things Left. My America was where McCarthy actually discovered Communists had infiltrated the government and turned American’s government’s into the Marxist hell of today. (Sic.)

Kelly and D’Souza came to maturity in more sanguine, saccharinized place than South Africa, Israel, Zaire, & Zimbabwe than did Mercer. I changed when I visited those hellholes. I’m with Mercer except in her support of Ayres and Churchill. Mercer needs a little more time in the history of America. When that happens she’ll be happier with herself and America. Wen that happens she’ll understand why America is temporarily in Obama’s Pot.

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