Throw them in jail. “That pretty much stops them” says President Alexander Lukashenko, a great friend and admirer of Vladimir Putin who helps Lukashenko with police and money.

One of his opponents Maria Kolisnikova was snatched in the street of Minsk, Belarus by masked men.

The 2015 Nobel literature laureate Svetlana Alexievich told reporters at her apartment in Minsk, Belarus September 9, 2020, that Lukashenko was rounding up his opponents and to show of solidarity with Alexievich, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature, diplomats from at least seven European countries joined her in her flat. The government of Lithuania said the envoys’ aim was partly to protect the author from abuse by the government of Belarus.

Maxim Znak was the latest figure to be seized in a systematic campaign by the government of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to round up leaders of a month-long mass protest movement. It’s not pretty or moral but it works.

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