The coach was just fired and the Offensive Coach will take over for the last game in a lousy season for the Philadelphia Eagles. They have nothing to play for except their integrity and that’s going to push them to a mighty win over the New York Giants.

The Eagles will be on fire to show how great they are. they need to show they are winners both individually and as a team. Teams win football games. Individuals play football. Sam Bradford, the quarterback has shown why he is a great QB. Most of his passes are precision guided missiles. Sam seldom misses. The receivers are some of the best in the business. They seldom drop a pass. The runners will be explosive. Demarco Murray has a lot to prove both to himself and to the world. He can and will shine. Ryan Matthews and of course Darren Sproles. the little big running back is an amazing athlete under normal confitions but because of the drama of the sudden firing of head coach “Chip” Kelly he’ll be a series of explosions. Harder than ever to catch. Darren is through a hole before it opens up.These guys will be a pleasure to watch. 

These guys will be a pleas

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