The press is lazy when they report on the guns at a mass murder scene but are too lazy to drill down about the murderers. The seven Editors at the Courier Times in Bucks County PA showed their yellow stripes when they condemned guns and actually blamed guns for the San Bernardino murders by two followers of Islam. Did they search the Koran to find the relevant passages and the message to kill non-Muslims that motivated two devout Muslims? Would the seven editors have enough courage to report what they found? Of course not.

Their one-sided so called Editorial was nothing more than some rather childish gibberish about the Islamic State causing the murders them blaming guns for them. The attention deficit editors forgot what they wrote about the cause and like the mentation challenged Brady Billers they simply blamed guns. As though guns can make decisions. If they are correct then we should hire some guns to write the editorials

The Courier Editors want fewer guns. Do they want fewer armed police because that’s what they’ll get if they get what they are pushing for? they have so little respect for everyone except their super-intelligent selves that they accept their flawed hypothesis as world from the prophet.

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