Jan 302018

We don’t watch professional football to be held hostage and hectored by idiot Social Justice Warriors who want to solve political problems  instead of paying attention to their job and playing football. We just don’t watch them because of their different politics. Too bad for them that they decided to insult the fans and make professional football about their personal grievances.  

These black protestors and their supporters are over-paid hundreds of millions of dollars but they cheat the fans by being not about football when they open their mouths to take on politics instead of playing. We should judge them not on their football ability but on their protesting issues. We don’t want to pay or watch commercials which is another form of payment to watch football only to be made a victim of their protests.
Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith and Chris Long cheat the fans and the Eagles Team when they are distracted from football because they are busy thinking about politics instead of giving their all to win for the Philly fans. That’s fraud.
Smith has been vocal against the president who won an election, unlike Smith who just had to run and tackle which even chilidren can do. Last year Smith tweeted out that President Trump was “the most divisive person in this entire country.” In another tweet, Smith exclaimed, “Patriotism goes beyond a flag and an anthem.” He later deleted those tweets. He’s a dumb young man who should quit his frauds on the fans and go into social work so he can help whomever he pleqases without bothering us with it.