In his vendetta against Israel he inadvertently helped de-legitimise the United Nations. In his misguided mission to disestablish the Jewish homeland he has inadvertently helped undermine and therefore ruin the moral authority of the United Nations. In addition he has upset the moral order of the planet. He has figuratively set the world on fire.
It’s part of the perfection of karma that his eight year term is over. Obama has been a satanic influence on peace.

Going forward, the three major global powers – the U.S., Russia, and China – now have a basis to disregard the United Nations as we, Russia and China pursue our own interests. Russia and China were held in a loose degree of check by the U.N. President Obama has declared by his allowance of the anti-Israel motion to pass that Russia and China need not fear a negative outcome from the U.N. Security Council.

In just the past 4 years, Russia acted above International Law and annexed Crimea. Russia sold advanced missiles to Iran. Russia helped Syria and Bashir Assad bomb civilians. China has waged cyber war against the U.S., constructed fake islands to claim new exclusive economic zone rights, and continued their ethnic cleansing of Tibet. At the same time, the two countries have systematically prevented the U.N. from taking any action regarding Syria, including the referral of Bashir al-Assad to the ICC for his use of chemical weapons against civilians.

For his part, President Obama used the UN Security Council to make end runs around the American Senate and thereby circumvented our own system of checks-and-balances, i.e., violated the American Constitution. In 2011, President Obama justified his military intervention in Libya through the U.N. Security Council without seeking approval from Congress. In 2015, he again used the Security Council to ratify the Iran Nuclear Deal without submitting the treaty for approval to the Senate. Obama used the Security Council to punish Israel, despite the protests of the incoming president and both parties in Congress. Never before has an American president so willfully worked against and thereby violated domestic and international law.

Obama has ruined far more than he’s constructed. It’s beneficial that Americans still follow the Constitution otherwise Obama would have ordered the military to keep him in power. He may still do that.

the law is worthless without ways to enforce it. Obama has broken numerous American and International laws with his rogue actions. If he can get some military backing he can prevent Trump from taking office. The destruction of America rests on a flimsy base. Obama is the type of tyrant who would try to stay in power if it were at all possible.

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