Muslims turn their backs on America and face Mecca to pray. The historic war of Islam against Christendom has raged for centuries. Millions of Christians were slaughtered and enslaved. That war, a Muslim war against the non-Muslim world has come to America. They intend, very plainly, to kill westerners. “Allah has answered our prayers; the sword of vengeance has reached America, and will strike again and again,” came the message from the Hamas. The writing on the wall is clear. perverted and pervasive. The Palestinians were not the only ones swept up in the jubilation at the fate of the Twin Towers, but also the urbane, cultivated Muslims of Newark, New Jersey who sat on rooftops cheering the burning World Trade Center murder scene.

The message is embedded in some Islamist religious rulings that cast suicide bombing as a devotional act. It’s buried none too deep in a standard text for Palestinian seventh graders: “Islam will defeat all other religions and it will be disseminated, by Allah’s will, through the Muslim jihad [holy war].”

Each and every recruit to jihad has one overriding aim, and that is to kill the infidel (read: you and me). Whether this indoctrinated killer discharges his bloody duty now, or years down the line, he remains a terminator in waiting. Why do Americans want these people in America?

As we saw Rand Paul articulate in the recent Republican debate, the doctrine of political correctness would have the West apologize to Muslims for the Crusades. Enter Donald Trump who asked Rand Paul: “So, they [terrorists] can kill us, but we can’t kill them? That’s what you’re saying”!! Donald Trump was incredulous, responding to Rand Paul in denial and defiance

Knowing the history of Islam, and the United States who would conclude Islam and America could be safely blended together? Plus Islam is supported by multiculturalists who deny The American culture and and reject the idea that immigrants must assimilate and become Americans. Multiculturists want a segregated America under the Divide and Conquer theory.

Muslim assimilation is a fantasy when a Muslim couple in California puts on body armor and attacks an office Christmas party with assault rifles. That’s war, not assimilation. Don’t forget 9/11 when Muslim’s secret military crashed civilian airliners with innocent passengers into the country’s largest skyscrapers, collapsing the World Trade Center. Members of that same team of Muslim military plowed another airliner into the Pentagon. Think of the price America has already paid for its hospitality to Muslims. Only Donald Trump is willing to take on the Muslims who oppose America.

Mohammed would have rejected the United States Constitution.
Mohammed would have called for an American Caliphate, and Muslims know that. The American side is clear. The Founding Fathers did not establish this country as a place for Muslims to colonize and subvert nor would they look favorably on descendants who interpreted the Constitution as an instrument for the protection of an Islamic colony inside the United States. They would account any such interpretation as suicidal.

Islam is not a religion is any fundamental sense. Islam is a Declaration of War against the entire non-Islamic world therefore the American people cannot benefit by bringing this war into America and especially not by according it the protection of the Constitution.

In this matter ask yourself why America is denied the right to defend itself? The Left dreams of a world without America on the assumption that America is “The Great Satan”. America is Capitalist, the only system based on the sovereignty of the Individual, the very basis of human existence. To oppose what is human is simply deranged.

America to the Left and to Islam is the barrier that must be destroyed because of all countries, it is America that stands in the way of the great Islamic Caliphate and the Socialist Commonwealth, that butcher’s block and slaughterhouse at the end of history. Here we see what kind of weapon multiculturalism is, and what it aims to achieve. the reason The Left supports Islam is because it works like an icebreaker so followers can get thru with less effort.

National Suicide. Those mock leaders who falsely raise American Freedom of Religion as the reason the Declaration of War of Islam must be protected are the destroyers of America. Their execrable policies deserve universal condemnation.

The only leader here is Donald Trump. He’s concerned for the safety of America while the candidates fake concern for the plight of foreigners. How can people who do not even care for their own posterity feel genuine concern for a hidden army of opposition which is, in fact, as hostile to them as they are to themselves?

The answer? Read the question.

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