What’s worse? The government reading or at least being able to read your e-mails and to review the websites you visit or keeping the internet free to be used by jihaddii’s?

There’s a Treason Clause in the American Constitution that provides the power to the government to protect American’s from Treason which means in the case of the jihaddii’s to kill them which has the neat and net effect of stopping them from using the internet.

Are you “Open Internet” morons conversant with the U.S. Constitution? Have you ever, ever read a U.S. Supreme Court Report? Do you get the idea that keeping the internet open so jihaddi’s can murder you or others is a bad idea as well as something that should not ever be done?

Iran, Syria and 20 other Middle East Nations are openly hostile to Israel. Israel’s territory is one-sixth of one percent that of the 22 hostile Arab nations that are 640 times her size. They have 45 times more people than Israel —340 million Arabs versus 6.7 million Israeli Jewish citizens. That’s Like the United States fighting Newark.

Israel is the canary in the coal mine for America and Europe. What is done to Israel will be done to America next. Of course shutting down the Internet across the Middle East is a security measure to help Israel and America combat the jihadii’s there.

What about the jihaddii’s in Europe? Jam their cell phones and turn off their internet with warrant aka. a court order.

Turns out Trump is correct about the internet. He’s right about the jihaddii’s too.

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