Sum, We and Ho were announced as the pilots of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that crashed on final approach in San Francisco but it was a prank.

The following report was made by a young lady who was working at KTVU at the time of the crash. She said the general consensus among her coworkers was that the names did appear suspicious, but no one wanted to take the risk of being the first to speak up. KTVU has many Asian employees, and most of the people involved in approving the names were white. No one wanted to look “racist” for suggesting the names were fake…just in case they were wrong.

The nervous white KTVU staffers probably couldn’t help but imagine the following nightmare scenario: From TIKI Magizine:

White Employee: These names seem funny.
Chinese Employee: Oh, what, they’re funny because they’re Asian? Not everyone in the world is named Bob Smith.
White Employee: No, I just mean they’re joke names.
Chinese Employee: Chinese names are a joke? That’s my culture you’re laughing at.
White Employee: But “Ho Li Fuk” sounds like…
Asian Employee: Hey, Mr. White Privilege, sorry that a nation of a billion people doesn’t choose its names based on how they sound in English. Your language isn’t the only one in the world, you know. I’m not going to stand by while my culture is marginalized and disrespected.

And so it goes with the minorities who have more power than they deserve in an American culture that’s trying but failing to come to grips with the mess it created with the Left, the Diversitists and the Multi-Culti’s.

We remain, now as ever, subject to their daft, yet to-be-respected-at-all-costs, thoughts on sundry manner of subjects, thoughts drawn from a dung hill of rotten ideas.

The Islamist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13, and the charged atmosphere of menace is still a real danger/

Wikipedia has a report on the phony names but instead of joining the laugh it’s being treated as an actual insult to Asians which boomerangs as an insult by Asians of Americans. Sum Ting Wong is horrified.

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