Obama listed some of America’s faults Friday with young Asian leaders. He believes: 1. America suffers from income inequality, 2. a political system controlled by the wealthy and 3. political parties divided along racial lines. Those three things are profoundly against the American ideas that are based on Liberty which is an individual attribute and ignores the differences between and among individuals.

Obama is all about the group, and against the individuals who make up the group. Obama is against wealth yet he’s a millionaire which proves he’s a hypocrite. He believes every person is identical to every other person which he shows by being against racial differences which is code-speak for his anti-white bias because he want’s to be more white. Obama’s ideas are profoundly Socialist based ideas which are against the American ideas that the most important entity is the Individual; the American idea that the protection of each individual is the moral basis for government and that individuals are different therefore treating each individual differently is so fundamental to grasping, understanding and acting American is the moral thing to do. Obama opposes all of these principles at a fundamental level. How did this anti-American get elected President? Twice?

Far too many Americans agree that people must not worship money even though people die without money.

Obama said: “Very few things, great things are done by yourself. Maybe if you’re a Picasso or Mozart you can go off into a room and you can produce great things. But most great accomplishments, human accomplishments, they’re done as a group. And your job as a leader then, is to be able to assemble to bring together people in a common vision.” How demeaning of others is this crapweasel of a man.

Count how many ways Obama shows he is against individuals in that short paragraph of his speech and how mis-leading it is to take his Marxist act to Malaysia to undermine America. Is affirms he is anti-American; that he’s adverse to the idea that each individual is important and an end in him or her self and that every group is only a collection of individuals.

Marxists can find “inspiration and direction in the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama” nut not Christians.

The Roots of Obama’s Rage, by Dinesh D’Souza, shows Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was the most important influence over the President, and that this African socialist had impressed his son with his “anti-colonial” views of Western nations exploiting the Third World.

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