What about synagogues? What about Mosques? Ever see a building permit for a Mosque? That’s a self-administered Religious Test and it’s been done that way since the Pilgrims, those religion based settlers stepped onto “The Mayflower” and got off at Plymouth Rock. America was settled based on religion but Obama doesn’t know about the founding of America. His Kenyan father didn’t give him any U.S. history. His childhood communist mentor, Frank Marshal Davis, an avowed anti-American even worse than Communist Van Jones who had to resign from Obama’s cabinet because his avowed Communist and anti-white ideology was too much to carry into even Obama’s left ing cabinet.

Religion has been part of America’s heritage singe General George Washington prayed for success on the battlefield in the Revolution. Obama has no feel for that. He’s not and American at heart. He’s really anti-American which is part of the attraction of Michelle who wrote against Princeton University in her senior thesis. ….developing   

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