Then he welcomed 25 migrants into the Vatican……Just kidding about the Pope welcoming migrants and refuges into the Vatican….Some things are just impossible. Expecting the pope to open the Vatican to migrants and refuges with their higher crime rates, multiple wives who they beat, rape and who practice jihad which is the murder of infidels meaning Roman Catholics like the pope. Most migrants are nor protectors of the environment. Instead they use nature to answer their calls of nature, often in the town senters where they show their disrespect by using the sidewalks as toilets.

Orianna Fallaci in her final years, after the attacks on America in 2001, became a spokeswoman for the crudest sort of Islamophobia. Fallaci famously ripped off her chador during a heated interview with Ayatollah Khomeini at his home in 1979 after assailing him with questions about the treatment of women in the Islamic state. Khomeini stormed out of the interview.

In three books attacking Islam and the west’s alleged blindness to the threat it poses, she argued there was no distinction to be made between militant Islamism and Muslims.

“God, what people!” she wrote in her first book. They were all potential terrorists, all bent on imposing their religion by force and by stealth, in the form of illegal immigration.

“Sometimes,” she wrote, “I would see the image, for me symbolic (therefore infuriating), of the big tent with which the Somali Muslims disfigured, smeared with shit and profaned for three months Piazza Del Duomo in Florence. My city.

Fallaci interviewed Henry Kissinger in 1972, when she described him thus: “This too famous, too important, too lucky man, whom they call Superman, Superstar, Superkraut … this incredible, inexplicable, unbearable personage.” He later called the interview, where he characterised himself as a lone cowboy riding on a horse into town, “the most disastrous I ever had with any member of the press”.

Fallaci threw her dictaphone at Muhammad Ali and walked out of the interview after she said he belched in her face. Later said of the boxer: “I found him unbearable. He had a fascist arrogance. Oh, Jesus, I couldn’t stand it.”

Fallaci attacked “arrogant … Albanians, Sudanese, Bengalis, Tunisians, Algerians, Pakistanis, Nigerians who with much fervour contribute to the commerce of drugs and prostitution”.

She even rebuked the late Pope John Paul II for taking an interest in their welfare. “Your Holiness, why in the name of the only God, don’t you take them into the Vatican?” she asks. “On the condition that they don’t smear with shit the Sistine Chapel … ”

“When we think about Oriana and politics, we tend to think about Islam. But in fact, the center of her political ideas and her obsession was not Islam—it was fascism. For her, the first stage of fascism is to silence people; and for her, political Islam is another form of fascism.

So all the talk-talk from the pope fails to identify the problems with the current waves of migrants.
Talk about ‘FAKE NEWS’

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