Don George’s neighbor next door, about to enter her ninth decade of life, has gone round the bend as they say. In a public letter to the editor published Sunday, August 25 she rambles on about those who are “taking advantage” of a seasoned citizen even though that’s what Rita Adair does in her own letter. Adair has been referred to as “my in-laws” by George even though he also claims: “they are not really my in-laws”. There’s a bit of psychological fodder for thought.

Adair/George’s writing against Democrat candidate Republican Barbara Bucknum bears clear similarities to the writings of three Northampton Republican party “Hate-Sites” as well as resemblances to a recently published letter by next door neighbor Don George. His mind is a spittoon.

Bucknum has carried herself with honesty, dignity and honor while serving in a difficult position in the township but Adair/George somehow connect an endorsement by the opposite major political party, – to senior abuse. That’s defective intellectual plumbing in operation.

Adair is about to enter her ninth decade. Allowing herself to be exploited in such a cheap manner is shameless. Even lower is her collusion  with known disillusionist Don George. That’s masochistic.

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