His strategies failed in the Middle East and led directly to the Paris terror attacks that motivated French President Hollande into more attacks against ISIS that Obama wrongly believes will make everyday Muslims into terrorists. Exactly how many Muslims are already Terrorists? Obama doesn’t know? What propelled them into terrorism? Obama doesn’t know? How many terrorists has he hunted down? How many are dead and how many are captured? Obama doesn’t know. How many missile strikes has he ordered? Not many. The man lives in a fantasy world of disbelief and delusion.

Obama says he’s cutting off financing but he supported giving $150 billion to Iran, the leading terrorist culture on the planet. That’s supporting ISIS because loads of the money will go to them and be used for more terror attacks. Fantasy land in the White House. Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Obama believes fairy dust is a strategy to defeat ISIS. He actually believes words can defeat Terrorism. He actually said: ” the most powerful tool we have to fight ISIL is to somehow buy into their fantasy that they’re doing something important,” Obama said. Are the 3,000 lives of 9/11 not important to this horribly mis-guided man?

The defeat of terrorism will not happen while Obama is President. His nonsensical strategies emboldened them, not the GOP as he has been saying. Cuckoo Man In Cuckoo Land. It will be up to the next President to defeat ISIS. Obama made his job harder.

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