The people were behind him and cheering as he walked around the Iowa State Fair. The response means HE’S GOING TO BE THE 45TH PRESIDENT.

Why is Trump so popular, loved actually? He’s no “Flash In The Pan” even though he’s really flashy. He’s coming across as a very normal, very real, really smart and really rich American. He want’s everyone to be successful the way he’s been successful. He want’s us to be more free and he knows what that means and he knows how to do it.

Will he stumble or fall? Hope not but he’s human and humans are extremely complex creatures so it’s difficult to predict that his campaign will be perfect. So far it has.

He came in his Trump-o-Copter, his personal helicopter and parked it far enough away so it wasn’t dangerous for anyone. Then he gave FREE HELICOPTER RIDES TO THE KIDS. For an hour he walked around the fair followed by adoring people. Some people had homemade signs that said Trump We Love You. That’s very unusual at a political rally but it shows that Trump has touched people’s hearts in the most simple way. Trump is being himself. He has an amazing amount of money which makes him able to run a multi-billion dollar campaign without having to do what big donors want done. None of the other candidates can say that because they already have taken loads of money from donors who want something from the next President.

Check out the report of Trump’s visit to the Iowa State Fair


Also check out how unimaginative Hillary was at the same venue. She walked around, People were polite and she left in a big chauffeur driven SUV. She hasn’t driven herself around for 40 years or more. Hillary is so yesterday. So Eastern Establishment. So not-in-touch. Even worse, Hillary is high-nosed and out of touch with the voters. Long ago she joined the ranks of the political elite. Trump? He is elite because of his great wealth but Trump is “of the people.” That’s why they love him.

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