The fundamental ideas behind the Paris Attack and the Charlie Hebdo attack and the murder of Theo vanGogh are the same. What are they?

The Spectator headline asks;  “Will Politicians Finally Admit That The Paris Attacks Had Something To Do With Islam?” Another Headline should read: “Did President Bush’s Strategy of Holding Elections In Iraq Help or Hurt America?”

Both answers are “No!”

Islam has immunity because everyone agrees “Religion Is A Force For Good.” At least the common use of the moral idea of Force is correct.

Islam and every other religion has the same basis, the acceptance that worldly things are not as important as so-called spiritual things. That’s why religion has such power and why it gets off with immunity whenever there is killing because of religion. That leads to the idea that Islam, being a religion, being called one of the worlds great religions, gets no blame for terror. How could something inherently good be bad? Is it a mistake to hold that religion must be inherently good? If not then the murders make sense.

But the world isn’t ready for sense about religion. It’s perfectly happy using religion to justify the behavior of people so anyone who commits murder cannot blame it on religion. that means the reason for murder must be a personal, an individual idiosyncrasy, the failure of the person to follow their religious belief’s.

“God Made Me Do It” works as a defense if the person sincerely believes it. Muslims get additional protection when they are willing to die for their religion. Dying for one’s religion immediately disarms Christians because their fundamental idea is that Jesus was so committed to his religious belief that he died for it and was accepted into or back into heaven. That’s also the fundamental belief of Muslims who die for their religion. They immediately go to heaven with the additional benefit of even more rewards than Jesus received. In his 1996 Fatwa Osama bin Laden wrote that the Muslim martyr “will receive crowns, jewels and 72 dark-eyed virgins.” Devout Muslims accept that to be as true as the Christian belief that Jesus was the Son of God.

So religious people including especially Christians are disarmed by their own beliefs as well as their own ignorance of the Muslim world.

When Condoleezza Rice was told that the Palestinians elected Hamas candidates to lead them she said: “I asked why nobody saw it coming?”. Simple. No one was looking in the right places. the fundamentals of Hamas and those of the Palestinians are the same. They want to die for their religion so they can claim their rewards. they don’t care if the government holds elections or simply dictates to them as long as they get their chance at martyrdom. Paraphrasing the dialog that we don’t need no stinkin’ badges, the Palestinians would say “We don’t need no stinkin’ elections”. Knowing this, how can the Terrorists be stopped?

Terrorists get a huge advantage by ignoring the Geneva Conventions about combatants wearing uniforms. They simply hide among civilians and Western powers will not kill non-combatants. Using a chess term, “That’s check”. What America needs is a move that puts the Terrorists in “Checkmate”. That can only be done by identifying the combatants. That means America needs spies among the terrorists.

America has also failed to identify and communicate why America should win against terrorists. America doesn’t have to win the hearts and minds of the terrorists although that would work to defeat them. the problem is America doesn’t know how to support American values and everyday Americans everyday get further from the values that made America both exceptional and great.

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