It’s almost over as the phony racist demonstrations prove. The crybaby’s at University of Missouri want more racism, not less. They actually demanded more racial profiling. They demand professors be separated by race. Either it’s wrong to separate people by skin color or it’s OK. Black students have an insolvable dilemma. They can be listened to because they are black or they can stop looking at almost every issue as one of black vs non-black people. The racism charge has been getting weaker and harder to sustain especially by black students who are in college.

People cannot change their skin color. Some people are unlikable. That’s a fact of human nature. It’s built-in attribute that everyone has including black people. The black students sought out other black students at Mizzou. That’s behavior based on skin-color which is what the students are protesting. So they do what they don’t want other people to do. That’s hypocritical.

Maybe they don’t grasp their skin-color-based behaviors about which they are protesting are behaviors they are against. Might as well be against breathing. That’s built-in too. They do themselves that which they object others doing but refuse to include themselves as perpetrators.

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