Her name has become a marketing dream. Instant recognition with one word, just like “TRUMP”. Hillary is not likable. Most women have something inside that makes them easy to like. Hillary doesn’t have that.

Hillary is smarter than a lot of people and she lets you know it in a way that makes you not like her.┬áMost people are at least a little bit likable. Lots of people seem to have a frown or even a scowl on their face. But approach a stranger the proper way and not only will the scowl disappear, most people will try to help. Hillary isn’t like that.

Hillary has cleaned up so many of Bill’s women friends that she’s become cynical and jaded. Her own messes like the $100,000 from $1,000 stock trading was a simple pay-off. She hid the Rose Law Firm Billing records that showed she worked for some un-savory clients. She spied on Republicans. She had the FBI investigate enemies and Republicans which are felonies. Lied about the Benghazi raid by saying it was not a raid on the military weapons stored in the Benghazi warehouse but a raid caused by a video. Went after Bill’s women friends by threatening them with financial ruin. Made sure the Troopers who helped Bill pick-up women were paid off. Fired the career travel office employees and sued them after which they were proven innocent of the phony crimes she charged them with. Had the White House lawyers break into Vince Fosters office after he committed suicide to retrieve papers and notes that showed her involvement in criminal activity including frauds like Whitewater, Castle Grande; involvement with the McDougals and Webb Hubble who went to jail on her behalf. Used an illegal server that exposed State Department Secrets to hackers which certainly included the Chinese and the Russians.

The bottom line is Hillary is rather common after all, despite her smarts and her education. What’s so great about her? Nothing, really. Nothing at all.

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