Dateline Israel. A radio station that was broadcasting calls to kill Jews was shut down. Where is Free Speech in Israel?

The thing about Rights is they are positive against enemies. No enemy can try to murder you then claim you cannot stop them because of their religion. The Right to life trumps the attempt to claim there is a right to murder. There is no Right To Murder. There are plenty of Rights to stop Murder as the Israel Military did in Jerusalem yesterday. The idea that Free Speech means accepting someone’s right to speak is Politically Correct nonsense that has been promoted by President Obama and his morally corrupt administration.

“JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military says it raided a Palestinian radio station and confiscated equipment used to broadcast calls to attack Israelis.
The military says it shut down the El-Khalil radio station in Hebron overnight Saturday. It’s the second time Israel has closed a Hebron station it accuses of inciting violence in the volatile West Bank city.
Israel says the current violence has been set off by a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement surrounding a sensitive Jerusalem holy site. The Palestinians counter it is a result of frustration from nearly a half-century of occupation.
Since mid-September, Palestinian attacks have killed 17 Israelis while 84 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire. Of them 52 are said by Israel to be attackers and the remainder killed in clashes with Israeli troops.” See:–israel-palestinians-952f742fe9.html

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