Good. There needs to be a cost to NBC for their dishonorable political ambush disguised as a debate at CNBC.

These are really bad people. The almost defamatory debate was a trap. The candidates were asked questions like: “do you still cheat on your income tax?” The cheating moderators asked about “Fantasy Football” and Chris Christie hit it out of the park telling them “Fantasy Football! We have ISIS and al Qaeda attacking us and we’re talking about fantasy football?” Christie said.

Moderator John Harwood tried to interrupt Christie’s answer. The governor responded, “Even in New Jersey what you’re doing is called rude.” Christie received lots of applause for that comment.

Until the debate revealed the hidden agenda of the Liberal Left, many people refused to accept it as real. Now the world knows how the Left Wing Media controls the news because thepublic watched it happen. The three moderators didn’t know what kind of dangerous ground they were trying to walk on and how astute and articulate the Republican candidates were. The Left suffered a major defeat Wednesday. the problem for America is the Left doesn’t know what it did wrong because they have been getting away with it for years.

College professors are so far Left and some of the smarter students know it and give the professors the answers the students know will give them good grades. Over time the bias of the Left wing Professors becomes known but until Oct 28 the Left Wing bias was hidden. ….developing

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