….there are some local scoundrels who got on the school board and ran up the per student costs to $$20,000 a year for kids in kindergarten up to high school. Actual costs per pupil are much higher in high school than in the lower grades so Council Rock costs taxpayers up to $30,000 per pupil when the costs of all the sports equipment, coaches, stadiums, large amounts of excess land and mostly vacant sports fields are included for high school.

The $30,000 per year is almost five times as high as Philadelphia Community College’s $3,000 per semester which is $6,000 a year. The $20,000 Council Rock Average cost per year is three times as high as Phila Community College.

Penn State University costs $17,000 a year which is 15% lower than Council Rock’s average spending. Should grade school and high school cost more than college? Of course not but it does and Council Rock is neither the highest or lowest public school system costs.




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