Many people believe she must not win. That would be the Republican Establishment but they have no front runner except Trump and the Republican Establishment will lose a lot of power if Trump wins.

The Democrats are watching Trump almost more than Hillary because if he wins the Democrats will lose more power than they have lost under Obama’s weird administration. Not only have the Democrats lost power because Obama’s popularity has tanked, they can’t be sure Hillary will win which will mean even more power lost than under Obama.

The dilemma for the Democrats is Hillary’s massive unpopularity among white men and her failure to get support from Republican women who are anti-choice. Tat includes a lot of Hispanic women who are staunch Catholics.

Hillary’s star has finally fallen. Will it crash and burn or simply fade away? Crash and burn for sure. Hillary is nothing but bold, brazen and brash. She’s Nails on the Blackboard dis-likable. She’s mediocre smart, nothing special for a highly educated person. She’s highly educated which for a white women means her parents had some serious dough. She has tremendous name recognition but that’s been just about all negative. She has almost no creativity except for politics. America will not be well served by a Second Clinton Administration.
The main attraction for Democrats is: there’s no second choice. Many Democrats would prefer a different choice but it’s Hillary period. The good thing about that is America is better off with her gone. . 


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