Radio talk show host Michael Smerconish crudely tried to smear Sarah Palin on his March 6 radio show. He called an upcoming HBO show based on part of the book Game Change devestating about Sarah Palin. The authors of the book were on the show. They repeatedly denounced Smerconish’s characterization with their facts that showed many good and great things about Sarah Palin especially her good character.

There’s more. From Wikipedia: -“Critics questioned the lack of explicit sourcing in Game Change, which was done on “deep background” with no sources being identified in any way.[13][14] This followed the approach made famous in many of Bob Woodward‘s books.[13] A Poynter Institute journalism ethics scholar said a danger of this method is that “both accuracy and fairness can be in jeopardy when anonymous sources are overused and misused” and that deep background sources “cannot be held easily accountable.”[14] Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times wrote that the authors of Game Change “serve up a spicy smorgasbord of observations, revelations and allegations — some that are based on impressive legwork and access, some that simply crystallize rumors and whispers from the campaign trail, and some that are hard to verify independently as more than spin or speculation on the part of unnamed sources.”[15] Kakutani and Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic both said that at times the book veered into gossip.[5][15] The authors defended themselves against such criticism, with Halperin saying they maintained “an incredibly high standard” and that they left material out if it was not verifiable or relevant, and Heilemann saying “We tried to tell a story of the intimate reality of what it’s like to run for president. Gossip is that which is unverified … Everything in our book is factual.”[16] The book was also criticized as being the embodiment of insider, establishment journalism.”

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