Sandra Flukes so called testimony was at a Democrat Press Conference. FLUKE TESTIFIED AT A PRESS CONFERENCE! Fluke DID NOT “appear before Congress”. She testified to the Democratic Party. The Drive-By Media, the press, reported Fluke’s testimony as though it was done in front of Congress. That was fraud by mis-direction, by deception. Fraud by silence. Fraud.

Here’s how the fraud was done. The Democrats have a political body called “The  Democratic Caucus of the United States House of Representatives”. It’s a political, not a government body. The Democratic Caucus has Committee’s that advises the Democrat Caucus. The Committee’s are called “Steering Committees”. None of the Steering Committees are part of the House of Representatives. They are pure Democrat Party Political institutions. Fluke testified before The Democrats, not before Congress. It was a Press Conference.

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