Janet and I are on the Republican Ballot. We are trying to help rid the township of the Republican Leaders who lost the township to the Democrats. They had plenty of warning and plenty of opportunities to avoid the disaster but being the types of people they are, they refused to heed the warnings including my telling the entire Republican Committee that they had an chosen an unelectable candidate for Supervisor. He lost, they lost and the party lost but they persist in the behaviors that caused the loss.

Janet and I want to change that. We are opposed on the ballot by two people who helped cause the loss of the township to the Democrats. Can we make a difference? Yes, — we can and we intend to. We support Republican candidates and our Republican neighbors, many of whom we have helped even without being official members of the Committee.  In addition to our Republican neighbors we have neighbors and friends who are Democrats. We like that and it’s one of the reasons we are on the ballot. Vote for Janet and Bill O’Neill. We are two very good Republicans.

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