What a low life bunch, these four carpet bagger politicians who parachute in when their gang members can’t carry the burden of winning a Supervisor election. Led by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, joined by Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson and State Rep. Scott Petri,they are desperate to rescue the loser candidacy of two Republican Supervisor candidates in Northampton. They put their reputations on the line for what? A township Supervisor race that can’t be won by the two Republicans who are running against Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham?

These four carpet baggers should keep their noses out of Northampton’s business. Especially because the last guy they supported lost.

The two Northampton Republican Supervisor Candidates are without good plans for Northampton. In fact, as has been proven on this website they have cost Northampton a ton of money and will waste even more if by some unjust election process they get to handle the tax money of Northampton.

Read the so-called campaign literature from those four political sky divers. Nothing about their plans for Northampton. The four have almost no involvement in Northampton. State Representative Scott Petri spent more time at Tea Party meetings in Levittown than in the neighborhoods of Northampton. It’s simple payback for him for the work done by Northampton Republicans to help him get elected.

Lt Governor Jim Cawley often helped the third carpet bagger, State Senator Tommy Tomlinson, moil the Northampton Republican Committee for votes. They would need Google Maps to find the streets of Northampton. Same for Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick who was elected because he went to Tea Party meetings for a year before his re-election. Fitzpatrick owes a lot to  the Tea Party so why is he supporting Republicans now? The Congressman has never been to a Northampton Supervisor meeting and didn’t help the beleaguered citizens with the West End Sewers, the Cell Towers or the Public Water Project.

These four have visited the Northampton Commmittee to pander for votes so the Committee want’s the favors repaid but they are four Carpet Baggers whose opportunism and exploitation of Republican voters by writing letters to endorse two loser Republican Candidates with a failure of a campaign, shows none have the slightest interest or plans to help Northampton. Proof? They never have.

Oh, sure, they stage “Senior Events” where we can collect information from the Republicans at the courthouse and get some free cheap food but that isn’t being involved with the water, sewer, roads, cell towers and traffic that have plagued Northampton for decades.  They have been AWOL in finding corruption. Perhaps they have a “Town Meeting” where they will “listen to your concerns”, leave, and neither do anything about your idea nor work on one of theirs for Northampton.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. They are the agents of Satan. Petri, Tomlinson, Cawley and Fitzpatrick could benefit from their example.

Be a Voter on Novenber 5th. Send a massage to the Four Horsemen who leap into our election then disappear. Be a voter for Northampton by supporting two good guys who live here. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham.

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