Dale Carnegie wrote a book for the ages called: “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Obama never read it otherwise he wouldn’t do things to annoy people on purpose. Obama is a serial offender, a purposeful belligerent who exists to annoy people. He’s practiced at it. He’s very skillful at annoying people. It’s why he went to a Muslim country, Egypt for a major speech. He did it to annoy Americans and Christians. The speech honored a promise Obama made during his presidential campaign to give a major address to Muslims from a Muslim capital during his first few months as president.

Instead of pouring oil on troubled waters, he purposefully roiled the peace of the Western world. His speech had little effect on the Arab conflict against Israel.

President Barack Obama nominated a gay man to head the Army, a first for such a job at the Pentagon. Why did Obama do that? Purposeful contentious belligerence. An appointment meant to upset people. Why does this President work so hard at offending? Why? Because he’s an angry man.

The psychotic impulse for aggressive, angry behavior is: “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”.

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