Krauthammer is smart, educated and usually correct but he’s been attacking Donald Trump. Why?

Charles is wrong to oppose Trump. Trump has the people and he’s great on the issues. Krauthammer wrote: “If you are born in the United States you are an American citizen”. No you are not. The 14th Amendment has no such mandate, i.e., that you are a citizen if you are brought into America by a pregnant illegal immigrant. Charley then wrote that it’s impossible and crackpot to even suggest that illegal immigrants would be deported because it would take too long to do it. Really? It didn’t take that long for the illegals to cross the border illegally. Why is it going to take too long to send them back where they came from? No answers from Charles. 

Charles is also critical because he wrote, wrongly, that Trump called Mexican Immigrants rapists. Trump never said that. Trump talked about Illegal Immigrants and said Mexico isn’t sending their best people, people like you and me. They’re sending the criminals because it’s expensive to keep them in jail. So what’s up with Charles? We don’t know and we won’t know until Charley tells us. Meanwhile, he has to get himself into the right place and figure out that Trump is going to be the next President.


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