“Freedom Is On The March In The Heartland” was the sub-title of the AFP Summit Meeting in Columbus. Hats off to the volunteers and workers who pulled off a spectacular two day meeting of over 4,000 people. The two days were packed with information capped by the appearance of four Republican Presidential candidates who were impressive. The audience was properly polite to Jeb and wildly enthusiastic about Ted Cruz who was the hit of the conference. Marco Rubio did a very credible job as did Rick Perry who finished his presentation with a moving eulogy to the 9,000 Americans who are buried in the cemetery overlooking Omaha beach in Normandy. All four candidates showed why they are good people deserving of everyone’s respect and attention.

The Radio-Controlled LED wristbands were a sensation with the audience, flashing in sync and in color as people held up their arms to cheer and applaud the presenters.

This was a well coordinated event during which the participants were able to soak up information about the Republican Conservative movement. Presentations were made at some 15 conference rooms where five conferences were held in each room during the day. Some presentations attracted overflow crowds where some people had to sit on the floor and stand around the walls. They were well done and well attended.  

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