There are among the great many mysteries of the universe a few for which there seems to be no notice of their beginnings or growth. They spring suddenly into perception like an exploding bomb. Where there is only knowledge and information immediately apparent where before there was only the purest of clear air is a phenomenon hardly noticed since it seems to have always been so but it was not. The evilness of a massive villain who changed from a friend is shocking. Trust misleads the victims. Such an evil was hiding in 2008 and 2012 Now it’s here.

A jazz virtuoso, Lester Young wrote: “Lester Jumps In.” Sixty five years later we see Satan jump in disguised as,… we cannot voice it. It’s too hideous, …we witness the reappearance of the great baphomet.

How long ago he was banished? How did he get back? The hair on the back of the neck moves. Barack Obama 

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