No other American can do what Donald Trump is doing. He’s the only “World Class Presidential Candidate for the Presidency”. His popularity is surprising even him.

Never mind. He can handle Vladimir Putin. He knows it. Putin knows it  and the people in America know it and want him to do it. Trump has “attitude” in the finest sense of the word. He took on the issue of Illegal Immigration when none of the other candidates would bring it up even though the American people know that neither Obama; the Democrats nor the Republicans are willing to actually do something about it.

Trump will build a wall. He will enforce Immigration Law because he knows one way to staunch the loss of American jobs is to serve America and the Americans by limiting America to Americans.  He will stop “Anchor Babies” born in America to Illegal Immigrant mothers. Trump will also make Mexico pay for the wall.

Those five ideas are not rhetoric,- they are principles. Trump wrote them down because he want’s everyone to know them and to know he will enforce them. He’s as serious as a heart attack.

It’s uncharacteristic for a politician to write down what they say they will do. Trump is different and on that basis alone he will be elected President in the 2016 elections. . 



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