Coal is a wonderful way to generate electricity. It’s cheap and abundant. Obama Killed Coal by using the EPA to regulate it out of existence, supposedly because of pollution but pollutants from coal are rather easy to clean up.

Electricity has improved the lives of millions. Coal helped do that. American has tremendous amounts of coal. Obama, via the EPA did what he said he would do, make coal very expensive so in effect he legislated coal out of existence.

The lowest income people in a culture are hurt almost beyond belief when electricity is made more expensive. In America there are many African-American’s who make lots of money but far too many others become victims of a declining economy. The stories about their needless suffering from having to spend too much of their money on electricity are almost invisible. The media is enthusiastic about doing away with coal because they believe, wrongly it turns out, that coal is not green enough so they don’t recognize the damage higher electric bills do the the African-American community. That’s wrong. The media should report the plight, the lowering of living standards. by the people who can least afford it. Why is the environment more important to Obama than the people? Does he think lowering the living standards of African-Americans who must watch every penny to live a happy life is right? In other words is lowering the living standard of people the moral thing to do? Of course not. It wrong so it’s also immoral. Obama is therefore immoral so far as ordering the EPA to increase the cost of electricity.

Let’s not let the EPA off the hook just because they were following Obama’s orders. That excuse didn’t work at Nuremberg and it won’t work in America. The EPA is guilty precisely because Obama did an immoral thing when he maliciously interfered with the coal market. They all need to reverse their immoral cost increases for coal and ask forgiveness of not only the poor but everyone because the cost of electric increased for everyone. 

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