Speaking without notes or prep of any kind, Donald Trump held press conferences where he took random questions from the press then stepped onto the stage in front of hundreds of people and spoke to them from his heart. No teleprompter. No notes. No practice, just Donald Trump as though he was talking to you at home at your kitchen table. This guy is so comfortable with people that he puts the other Presidential candidates, good people but he’s head and shoulders better than the best of them.

He’s comfortable with kids as well as world leaders as he showed in Iowa giving the kids free rides in one of his two customized helicopters, which are two of the worlds most expensive private jet helicopters. He also has a customized Citation private jet and a much larger intercontinental Boeing 757 that normally seats 220 that he customized with a bedroom suite and Italian leather seats for 22.

He brought all of his children on stage with him when he announced he was running for the Presidency and his love for each of them showed. His wife Melania was at his side. With his daughters and his wife at his side how could anyone accuse him of not liking women. He loves them as a husband and a father. The story of how he stopped courting other women the first time he met Melania. He asked for her telephone number and she refused. She told him to give her his so he did. She called several days later and he worked to get Melania as his wife. That was 11 years ago which for a celebrity marriage is unusually long. They are devoted to each other and it shows. .

He’s paying for his own Presidential campaign which makes him free of the “soft political corruption” that comes from using other peoples money to campaign. All of the other candidates owe their loyalty to the party. Trump can work for whomsoever he wants and he’s said over and over he wants to: “Make America Great Again.”

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