Oh, wait. All of the problems with the Pope’s visit, basically a two day shut-down of Center City Philadelphia, aren’t due to the Pope but to the Terrorists. Security doesn’t want some crazy Middle East type to take a pot-shot at the Pope or some Tsarnaev nut-job leaving a pressure-cooker bomb on the Parkway and who can blame them?

Camden expects 10,000 buses to park across the river from Philly which means 500,000 visitors will have to hoof it across the closed Ben Franklin Bridge.

When Pope John Paul II visited Philly in 1979 there was none of the security that’s needed for Pope Francis because the city was a safer place than it is today and because there was no threat from Islamic Terrorists. There were no #BlackLivesMatter protesters and no danger from Ferguson Types who could burn, loot and riot. The people were better and the world was safer in 1979. 36 years later a visit from the Pope is much more of a problem because of the Terrorists.

So don’t blame the Pope for the problems, blame the Terrorists who cannot be controlled by President Obama even though he’s been bending over backwards to appease them.

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