What is “EVIL”? Hitler will be the best example of evil for a long time to come. Hitler inflicted more sadistic pain and death on more innocent human beings with more malignant intent as did all of the butchers of people in history. Hitler may be the best-documented mega-criminal in history so a comparison of ISIS to Hitler is accurate. A basis of comparison for EVIL is needed. Hitler provides it.

So is ISIS more or less evil than Hitler?

“This is a dark and bloody time, and the most shocking fact is how few self-proclaimed “moral people” have the guts and the clarity to say so. We need to remember evil, to grasp it when it comes again.

“Today, the Hitler cliché is real again. It’s no longer a cliché.

“Periodically we see another ISIS murder stunt in the news, almost to the point of boredom. The only way to stay conscious of the demonic nature of ISIS is to cling to an understanding of good and evil.

“If you can’t discern evil in Boko Haram’s killing, kidnapping, abusing, and slave-trading African children to sell to wealthy Saudis (according to one report), you’re lost in the universe.

“Obama’s unconstitutional “arrangement” with the nuke-happy mullahs is being criticized for all kinds of reasons – but not because it is literally evil. Obama’s greatest foreign policy achievement isn’t just a blunder. It is the greatest retreat from clear and present danger in American history.

“The “deal” empowers the most anti-humane, the most misogynist, oppressive, Jew-hating, Sunni-hating, America-hating, aggressive, imperialistic, and dangerous power-cult in the world. Even the Saudis, who also enforce strict sharia law, are scared to death of these characters.

“Morally, the mullah cult equals the Hitler cult. Only the stage props are different.Significantly, Obama has contemptuously dismissed the idea that the United States might beg Iran to tone down its war rhetoric for this deal. But Obama doesn’t see a problem with genocidal rhetoric. His moral sense is very different from any prior president’s. When FDR spoke about Pearl Harbor as “a day that will live in infamy,” he actually meant that. Obama won’t even speak the name of the enemy.

“In our time, the worst atrocities are linked to violent Islam. But Karl Marx had his century filled with bloody butchery, and so did other murder cults.

“In his life, Obama has been profoundly shaped by two ideologies of hatred: militant Islam and Marxism. As for his alter-ego Valerie Jarrett, she lived in Tehran as a child, and in her case the old Jesuit maxim seems to apply: “Give me a child before age ten, and we will have him for life.”

“Every rational person also needs a standard of evil incarnate, or you won’t be able to understand the news today.”

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