The brilliance of the woman, Ilana Mercer, with her trenchant analysis of Donald Trump:

“……Central to the media enterprise is a worldview that looks to the state and its stooges as the sole repository of the public good. The idiot’s lantern (T.V.) is monopolized by men and women who are of The System and for The System. Is there any wonder they are bucking the force of nature that is threatening their equilibrium?

“Donald Trump must be observed from the standpoint not of policy, but of someone who could smash apart the political system and send its sycophants scattering to the four corners of the earth.

“Trump is making this stagnant political spoils system oscillate. The particles – political and media movers-and-shakers – hate him for it.”

Mercer’s explanation identifies why supposed “dyed-in-the-wool conservatives” like George Will, Cal Thomas and Megyn Kelly are so against Trump. He could easily “Make America Great Again” so why are the Conservatives so against Trump? Because he threatens “The Establishment” and they are part of it.

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