In it’s Founding Principles, America will stay with you wherever you go. America, in the words of Hemmingway about Paris, “Is A Movable Feast”.
But you cannot have three pieces of cake so you must choose. You must make your pick. You have to pick. You must pick. You shouldn’t do what most people do which is pick a bit of each side like Daniel Scioli the leading candidate for the Argentine Presidency who favors two opposites Che and Churchill. That means he has flexible principles. He might coose Donald Duck on a different day because when people follow flexible principles there’s no predicting what they will do. It’s why principles matter.

There are three distinct Americas. One is “The Government Of Today”, another is: “The Government That Follows The Founding Principles” and the other is: “The Voters”. Most of the time it’s difficult to identify which one people are talking about.

When Megyn Kelly argues with Ward Churchill or Bill Ayres she asks if there is anything that America does that’s good? They of course hold America is not only bad but evil. Kelly believes America is not only good but The Best. Same for Dinesh D’Souza who produced “America; Imagine A World Without Her”. D’Souza and Kelly see America as a force for good. Ward and Bill see the opposite. Who’s right?

D’Souza is one of the biggest cheerleaders for America meaning America following the Founding Values. Ward and Bill see America as worse than Hitlers NAZI’s. D’Souza also means America The Voters so it’s impossible to know which of the two Americas Dinesh means sometimes. Ward and Bill see only evil. D’Souza sees only good. D’Souza has the better argument when he says America has made mistakes but America is not wicked. Well, collecting everyone’s e-mails is more wicked than benevolent or good. That’s unconstitutional which means it’s more wicked than good. In fact it’s 100% wicked because it’s unconstitutional. It’s either-or. It either violates the Constitution or not. It’s a moral principle at work. Moral principles are not ambiguous. One cannot have their cake and eat it too. But there are three America’s involved with discussions about America. D’Souza loves America. He needs to tell us which of the Three America’s he’s talking about. So, dear reader, do you.

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