So says Brent Bozell, at least about the media which he said was losing the trust of the American people because of their support of the narrative of the Left. “They have not gotten to the bottom of a single one of the Obama scandals….Look at the IRS, look at Benghazi, look at the VA, look at so many scandals — they’ve been dropped.”

The Left Media were taught and learned to be Left at the Universities which it turns out are sharply Left with 90% of the professors being registered Democrats. The media are more involved with the day to day minutia of, for example, the Hillary scandals while the professor types take the long view which shoots the principles of Socialism into the innocent, unsuspecting minds of the college class. The predictable result is an inexorable march of America into the arms of Marx.

The ability to think is undercut almost from birth by the acceptance of the Supernatural, a non-existent realm that set up the mind to fail by disconnecting reality from the minds of those who simple cannot fathom anything different than a mixed-up way to fail to understand the real world. All this underpins the crime syndicates who run things thru the crime families who support the politicians in government, one of the other institutions that corrupt cultures.

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