The Comanche is a magnificent boat. The sixteen men on the crew including the captain spent roughly 5 1/2 days crossing the Atlantic in the 100 foot long boat, sailing in very, very rough weather at an average speed of slightly under 25 mph. The design of the boat is a semi-planing hull that’s designed to partly skip along the top of the water which almost doubled the speed of the hull. A planing hull is much faster than a displacement hull which has a top speed of 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length. A planing multi-hull sailboat has the Atlantic record at 38 mph.
A typical jet plane can cross the Atlantic in a matter of hours compared to the days required by a sailboat. Why make sailboats at all when aircraft are far faster?
There are many great reasons to continue to improve on the sailboat speed. Sailboats are aesthetically pleasing. the wind is free energy. Why spend loads of money on jet fuel when the wind alone can do the job?